Dmitry Kobak (kobak) wrote,
Dmitry Kobak

«Нет, Сова, ты чихнула!»

Это видео к статье KE Money and MJ Correia, The vestibular system of the owl, 1972. Привожу отрывок из введения:
It is generally believed that the “owl eye cannot be turned in the orbit, even with a pair of pliers” (Walls, 1942, p. 309) and that the external eye muscles of the owl are “functionless”. ... The owl can derive only limited benefit from a vestibulo-ocular reflex therefore, and in order to stabilize the retinal image it must stabilize its whole head. It was felt [sic!] that a study of the vestibular system of such an animal would be of interest.
PS. Кстати, недавно впервые прочел Винни Пуха по-английски; оказывается, в оригинале Сова — это он!

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